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    Wednesday, April 6th, 2011
    9:56 pm
    A post
    to show off a new user pic that was found for me. Thank you Erin :)

    Current Mood: good
    Saturday, September 25th, 2010
    2:18 pm
    Harry Potter Land
    The Harry Potter experience at Universal Studio's Island of Adventure is a very good time for Potter fans. The park hired someone that had done all the set designs for the first 3 HP movies to come down and design the area. The result? It really feels like you are walking around in Hogsmeade. The whole are has the impressive backdrop of Hogwarts Castle, complete with 2 winged boars as you make you way in.
    Hogwarts castle is the capstone of the area. The big block buster ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is located in it. Getting into the ride means a lot of the line game, but in this case, the line is part of the fun. The line begins in the dungeon, you wind past the potions class room, some Hogwarts status and Dumbledor's secret office entrance. From there you go through the green house complete w/ mandrakes and mallets behind locked cases. From there you wind into the castle itself where the portraits chat you up and you get to see the house standings on the wall. Gryffindor are in 1st, place of course, but Slytherin is at their heels. After chatting with the portraits you get into a main area where Dumbledore greats you as muggle guests and advises you that you are in for a treat as professor Bin's is going to give you a 2 hr lecture on the history of Hogwarts.
    After Dumbledor leaves Harry, Ron and Hermione meet you and tell you that they can't have you sit through such a boring lecture and that Hermione has enchanted benches so that they can fly you over to the quidditch field to watch the Gryffindor/Slytherin game.
    All goes well and you are off and flying, until Hagrid misplaces his dragon, you are chased into the forbidden forest and ambushed by dementors. Harry's patronis saves the day and you get to follow him onto the quidditch field, where Dumbledor gently chides the kids for putting all the muggles in danger and delivers you to safety.
    The ride was very immersive it was fast, rough and got you nose to nose w/ some very convincing HP critters. It was well worth the 45 min wait.
    The shops were very cool but very packed. Olivander's had a line and you could go in and watch him have a kid pick out a wand. It was a brief, but very neat little experience.
    I got a bottle of pumpkin juice, but didn't sample the butter beer, I couldn't justify the $12 expenditure for the little cup.
    I got loads of fun stuff for myself and friends and family. If you are a Potter fan, this place is a must see.
    We had an early dinner at Mythos, which is a very good resturant in Islands of Adventure. It has a very neat ambiance, it is set up like Posiden/Neptune's grotto. I had a modified Pad Thai dish that was good and a great salad.
    After Mythos we went into the Marvel area and dad and I went though the area naming the superheros. He was familiar with some of the x-men characters. I showed him a picture of Emma Frost and one of Mystique and explained Sam's parentage. It was so cool to see different X-Men stuff after just coming off our summer game.

    Current Mood: happy
    Sunday, July 19th, 2009
    10:29 am
    Rob and Becca's Wedding

    Thursday 7/9/09

    I worked a normal shift today and popped home to see how the house cleaning was going. I hired The Maids to give the place a complete cleaning. They were still working when I got in so I left to meet with Rob and Angelique for dinner. It was great to catch up with her. I also learned that she shares Rob's total dislike for all things Friendly's. I see that I will be making solo trips in the future.
    I returned home to wait for Dan's flight to arrive. As I predicted it was held up in Vegas and a 11:35pm arrival 12:10am. Dan offered to drive home and commented that it was the first time that he ever drove out of the Albany airport. We him a bite to eat and put a load of laundry in before falling into bed around 2:30am.

    Friday 7/10/09

    We got up around 9am and headed down to Schenectady to stop by Utech to get Dan's check. I got to tour the home office and meet people whose names I have heard many times over the years. I was really cool to see. After depositing Dan's check we ran up to Saratoga to pick up my tux and ran into Bev, Garry, Russ and Lance. My shoes hadn't come in yet and would need to picked up with Garry's tux. We then grabbed some Burger King and headed up to Fort William Henry. We meet up with Rob and the rest of the bridal party and then did the rehearsal.
    The biggest problem with the rehearsal was that the man of honor is wheelchair bound and the facility, despite assurances otherwise was not wheelchair accessible. We made some modifications and it was decided that the man of honor and I would come out before the rest of the wedding party. The judge that was conduction the ceremony was great. He was very experienced, offered helpful suggestions and helped everything run smoothly. He had a very kind and gentle demeanor and seemed genuinely happy to provide his services.
    After the rehearsal we were going to go mini golfing, but ended up not having the time, so in the few minutes we had to kill we walked around downtown Lake George for a few minutes and got ice cream, needless to say, I was a big fan of this modification to plans. We then boarded the Mine-ha-ha and had a leisurely cruise around Lake George.
    Dinner was up next on the agenda. We left the lake and went to the Barnsider, a restaurant that is run by a fellow teacher at Minerva. I had a tasty pulled pork sandwich and yummy green bean fries. The bride had made a grooms cake, a heroscape board out of vegan and non vegan cupcakes. I had a vegan one at it was delicious. Dan said the normal cupcakes were also very good.
    Dinner ran a bit latter than we expected so my parents went to my house to let Stefanie (Dan's best friend and baker of yummy cookies) to the house to help set up for the party. When it was all said and done about 30 people were in my house. I was surprised how well the space held up and I don't think that it was too crowded for the guests. Everyone left around midnight and Dan and I fell into bed.

    Saturday 7/11/09

    Wedding Day!

    We had some time in the morning so we took a drive over West Mountain to get to Lake George and had lunch at Friendly's. We then proceeded to Fort William Henry and meet up with Rob. I am very grateful to Dan for his help with our tuxes. The ceremony itself was beautiful and had two readings by Rob and Becca's aunts. Rob and Becca wrote their own vows and I cried through the entire ceremony. Following the ceremony we had pictures taken on the rolling lawn overlooking the Lake George.
    The reception started with the mother/son and father/daughter dances and the Man of Honor, Dan and I gave speeches. I cried through my speech but I got through it. We then dined on chocolate hedgehogs, salad, chicken, prime rib and yummy lemon wedding cake. We danced and took more pictures and then headed back to Dan and my room for an after wedding party that lasted till about midnight.

    Sunday 7/12/09

    We cleaned the hotel room a bit, and went down to have brunch with the wedding party and guests. We had a very nice meal and wished Rob and Becca a good trip as they were heading off to Ireland from the fort.
    We then meet up with Erin and Bob and Dan's family at Animal Land for a bit and I later spent some time with Erin and Dan at her parents' house before whishing them well as they embraced on a cross country drive.
    The wedding was a wonderful experience. I have never had so many of my friends in one place at one time. I was honored to be chosen to be a part of Rob and Becca's wedding and I wish only the best for them and their lives together.

    Current Mood: happy
    Wednesday, February 11th, 2009
    9:48 pm
    I Can't Make This Up...
    I was explaining the status of a claim to one of my insureds today and he stated asking questions about my personal life, only to tell me that my voice was beautiful and the rest of me must be too. He wanted to meet up with me in Albany when was was taking his college age son to a track meet. Um.... no, sorry Mr. Insured that was born the same year as my mother... that is really okay. My team mates busted a gut when I told them.
    I'll add that to the list of two marriage proposals I got when I was doing telemarketing and continue to be mystified.

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    Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
    8:35 pm
    I just got back from a visit to see Dan in LA. We had a great time and ate a ton of great food. I want to remember the trip so I figured I'd post it here and share.

    Wed: Left Albany at 6:40am and traveled for about 13 1/2 hours before getting into Burbank at
    3:30. Dan borrowed Colin's Prius and picked me up. That night we went out to dinner with
    Colin and Ash at the Olive Garden and I had a divine steak and gorgonzola dish.

    Thurs: Dan did the work thing and we picked up the rental car. We went out for Ramen at a
    Japanese Ramen House called Kyushu Ramen. English was the second language on the menu. We
    both had the pork cutlet ramen, it was delicious! That night we decided to spend some
    time hanging around the house and I watched Dan play Too Human. We had dinner at an In
    and Out Burger and grabbed some Cold Stone for dessert.

    Fri: We got up early, Dan has a 5am conference call (8am here in the east) every week. I
    relaxed and played around with Facebook games and he got some work done. We went to a
    bakery called Porto's and had sandwiches and a piece of some of the best chocolate cake
    I have ever had. We also had little meat buns made with filo dough and fried mashed
    potato balls with spiced meat. The prices were as good as the food, which is really
    saying something. When we got done eating we went to a Rite Aid so I could pick up a few
    things. There was a full service ice cream counter in the Rite Aid. I had never seen
    such a thing before. We then walked over to a store that I had wanted to go in the last
    two times I visited. I figured any place that had a huge Darth Vader on the side of it
    had to be a least interesting. The store is called Blast From the Past and it had all
    manor of geekery. The store was mostly figures and statues but also had comics and
    t-shirts. I picked a small token for Rob and Becca. That night we went to an indoor
    Go-Kart Place called MB2Raceway. They have electric cars that go up to 45 mph. The
    weather was crappy so there weren't many people there. Dan and I had a race with just the
    two of us, which was good, because I was very skittish at going that fast. We left for
    an unremarkable dinner at a local dinner and then came back so Dan could be in a real
    race. He placed very well and was racing against a few people that knew the track cold.
    I know that he plans to go back and work on his time.

    Sat: We had planned to go to Disneyland on this day but it was supposed to rain all day, so we
    went to Hollywood instead. We marveled at Mann's Chinese Theater and even took in the
    flick Fanboys at their multiscreen next door. We walked around and played spot the
    actor's star on the walk. We also did Guinness World Records and the Hollywood Wax Museum
    which was much better than I thought that it would be. When were were done with Hollywood
    we meet up with Colin and Ash at a Korean BBQ place called, Manna. We had three huge
    plates of meat that we cooked at the table ourselves, and when I say we I mean Colin, Ash
    and a little bit of Dan. I tried to cook, there was too much fat and the fire went up so
    high that one of the workers ran over and turned the fire down. I was told that it
    would be fine if I just enjoyed the fruits of my tablemates labors. On the way back from
    the BBQ place we stopped by an adult novelty store to browse. There was a women wearing
    a some fairy wings and not much else that offered us a lap dance. The store had club
    in the back. We politely declined but it was an interesting experience.
    Sun: Hopped on a flight back to Albany with a Vegas layover and got in around midnight, just
    in time to be to work at 8:30 the next morning. Visiting Dan is always something
    that I look forward to. This was a great trip.

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    Monday, November 17th, 2008
    8:16 pm
    I Hate Life At the Moment
    So, just in case anyone ever wondered, having your tonsils out, really, really freaking sucks. I had them out last wed and I am only now getting to the stage two part of the process, that is the part where the pain gets worse, not better. I though I'd hit this point days ago. Instead of being ahead of the healing curve, I am way behind. I only just started being able to eat and now I can't anymore. I was trying to wean myself off of pain meds.... nope not yet.......
    Hopefully a few more days and the pain gets better. ::sigh::

    Current Mood: sore
    Wednesday, November 12th, 2008
    7:06 pm
    Will likely be at my parents house for at least a week, or until life sucks less. On liquid codene and tylenol, holy crap.
    More when I can think more.

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    Tuesday, November 4th, 2008
    9:54 am
    This is a nice meme
    If you read this, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad. It could be how we met, something you regret, something you love or just something that stuck with you. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

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    Sunday, October 5th, 2008
    9:13 am
    1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
    2. I will respond by asking you 5 questions of a very personal nature.
    3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
    4. You will include this and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
    5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them 5 questions.
    From dannonsarisa

    1. If you could be any fictional anime or video game character, who would you be, and why?

    I had to give this one a lot of thought. I decided to go with Gourry Gabriev from The Slayers. This was hard for me because it wasn't necessarily the character I admire or respect the most, but who I would like to actually be. Gourry is an uncomplicated soul, his life is totally dominated by his two desires, protecting the ones he loves and finding a place to have his next meal. Gourry doesn't worry waste hours worrying, he is the best at what he does and has no desire or capacity to fret about things beyond his control.

    2. Do you feel as if you are more like your mother, or your father?

    Both? My basic personality is very similar to my fathers, we share a scense of humor and same general outlook and disposition. Emotionally I am very much like my mother, I am a very emotional and over analyze things and worry too much. My personality is a fusion of theirs in many ways.

    3. Would you rather wear contact lenses instead of glasses?

    I don't know. I worry about contacts. I worry about spending a lot of money on them and not getting used to them or liking them. I worry about them getting lost or even lost in my eye or some other malfunction. My eyes are so poor that if contacts did malfunction I would really have a problem. The same is true for glasses, but I have always had them so I am more comfortable with them. I don't know if I like the way I look with out glasses, I've had them since 2nd grade, so they are almost a part of me, I feel naked a bit vulnerable with out them.

    4. Would you really want to spend hours in a dank, smelly dungeon just to learn Potion making from Prof. Snape?

    In reality? No. I am not a detail person. I would have a hard time getting all the measurements correct and I would be very hurt by his waspish quips. My affection for him is from the detached perspective of a reader. I'd think he was a jerk and avoid his classes if I had to deal with him in real life.

    5. Do you feel guilty whenever you walk into a Border's?

    Not guilty, no. I always am very curious to see what Border's is carrying because I am looking at stuff when I go into one, not books. Border's has different buyers so they have different toys, figures and bookmarks ect. then B&N. I find the two stores to be very similar, but ask me who runs a better bookstore and I'd tell you that Barnes and Noble wins unequivocally.

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    Friday, October 3rd, 2008
    7:43 pm
    Meme time!
    1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
    2. I will respond by asking you 5 questions of a very personal nature.
    3. You will update your LJ with the answers to the questions.
    4. You will include this and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
    5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them 5 questions.

    From nonseqmenagerie

    1) How did you get introduced to stuff like Shanda the Panda?
    I ran across Shanda at the tender age of 16 when I was browsing the indy section at my local comic store. I love anthropomorphic art and the poly theme tugged at me even though I didn't really understand the full reasons for it until many years later. I love the creator Mike Curtis's stories and characters.

    2) What would you say your favorite non-fiction book is?
    I think that it is Jared Diamond's, Guns Germs and Steel. It really opened my eyes to how the world came to be the way that it is today. It was very influential in getting and keeping me interested in biocultural anthropology.

    3) If you could do any job, what would it be?
    That is a super hard question. I'd love to me an idea person for something like Walt Disney World. I love going to the big theme parks and letting them entertain me, it is a neat feeling giving yourself over to something like that for a period of time. I'd also to do publicity for an anime or manga company in the states.

    4) What's the best game you were ever in?
    Another super hard question! That would be a toss up between a Dragon Blooded Game run by my friend Jare or a Native Americanesque game run by Rob. I have been blessed to have been in many wonderful, memorable games.

    5) What type of tea would you like if you could have any tea anywhere?
    I'd like to go to New York City (or likely another major city) and go to one of the tea bars where they mix tea w/ different flavored gelatin. I honestly don't even know that I would like it, but I have been dying to try it. I am also always up for trying a new flavor of white tea, I can't get enough of it.

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    Thursday, August 14th, 2008
    11:32 pm
    Gen Con
    Holy crap, I meet Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman today. I got to chat with them some and shake their hands. My sixteen year old self would have passed out. Gen Con rocks!

    Current Mood: geeky
    Saturday, April 26th, 2008
    6:45 am
    My best friend is engaged.... I'm going to be a best man.... wow.

    Current Mood: happy
    Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
    8:55 pm
    Job Musings
    Working for State Farm is interesting because they assume that the position that you are currently working in is not the one that you want to be in. In most cases, I suspect that this is not incorrect, but it is refreshing that corporate actually embraces this concept. As a consequence of this attitude you are almost immediately asked what other part of the company holds an interest to you and your manger is obligated to find ways to work you into other positions, provided that your current performance is acceptable.
    Another thing that seems to be common place are meetings and classes. I actually took part in a class that was broad cast by satellite across the country to all of the operations centers today. I’m still getting a handle on assimilating into a culture that leaves an individual with much more freedom of movement both in the large scale and day to day life.

    Current Mood: calm
    8:44 pm
    There is a Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors hybrid game?! Welcome to Warriors Orochi….. WhoooooHooooooooo!

    Current Mood: chipper
    Thursday, June 14th, 2007
    9:03 pm
    Saratoga Flat Track
    You finally managed to get me you pit of vice and money, but not this year.....I'm enjoying having weekend off. ::tosses NYRA paperwork in the trash::

    Current Mood: amused
    Wednesday, June 13th, 2007
    8:02 pm
    3 out of 3
    I have passed the last of my job contingent exams. I am now certified to deal with property and casualty insurance in all of new England and NY. To celebrate, I had ice cream. Man this has been a long week already, weekend, where are you?

    Current Mood: chipper
    Sunday, June 10th, 2007
    8:22 pm
    A Post
    It has been a really long time since I have updated my journal. We buried my grandmother about a month ago and life has resumed a certain sense of normalcy. I am finally starting to have a vague idea of what I am doing at work. Since I don’t think I even really posted here what I am doing , here it is, I am a total loss processor for State Farm Insurance. I am basically the person that you talk to at your insurance company after you have had an accident.
    It took a lot of time and about 5 months of training to get the position, but I actually really like it. I have my last state certification test (RI) on wed and assuming I pass it, I have finally gotten all of the states that I need to be certified in. Insurance is not necessarily a field that one actively wants to get involved in, but if you are looking for a good job and do not have a particular trade, then I highly recommend it.
    I have recently started playing in an Eberron campaign, it is fun trying not to die with a fist level fighter. I will also be starting a Dragon Blooded Exalted game soon. I couldn’t be happier about role playing again.
    I have been getting used to working a fairly stable 8:30-5 work week. I will be working a week from sat, but whenever I do that, I get a three day weekend, the following week, so I really can’t complain.
    Dan, Erin and Colin came down yesterday and we when up to Dan’s parent’s for most of the day today. I have acquired a new futon as my old one no longer folds. If anyone needs a broken futon frame that only stays down, let me know. The mattress has been spoken for and the frame is headed for the dump soon. The new futon came with what I am told is a comfy pillow top.
    My boss’ s going away party is tomorrow, I have my certification test on Wednesday and a meeting at work on Thursday, with a little luck, the weekend will be right around the corner again.

    Current Mood: tired
    Sunday, February 25th, 2007
    8:53 pm
    Rest In Peace
    My grandmother died today. I got to her room about half an hour before she died. Watching someone you love slip away before your eyes is indescribable. I held her hand as she took her last breath.

    Current Mood: mournful
    Thursday, September 28th, 2006
    1:06 pm
    Being Sick is no Fun
    I have had a throat/ear thing for three days now and a low grade fever. This sucks because I can not preform my job of nonstop talking for 8 hours and so have not been getting paid. What sucks worse is that I had to pay to go to the doctor today to prove that I have been sick. The only upside is that she gave me 4 months of my bc pill for free, which is like handing me $160.
    ::goes off to gargel more salt water and drink tea::

    Current Mood: sick
    Friday, September 15th, 2006
    9:22 am
    I have been remiss in posting in this journal of late. I have been meaning to post about my new life as a telemarketer and perhaps in time I will. The most interesting thing that has happened to me in months was my recent jaunt to southern CA.
    Dan invited me along to his brothers wedding a few months ago. Erin has just started Grad School again so she couldn't attend.
    Our adventure started at 4am on friday morning and I am happy to report that we had no flight problems, unlike the majority of Dan's family that were flying out that day. We reaffermed that not checking luggage is that only way to fly when you have multiple fights across the country. Due to flight problems, Dan's parents and grandmother picked us up and dropped us off at our hotel before the rehesal dinner. The hotel was a bit older, but nice and very clean. It also sported a heated out door pool, a hot tub and perhaps its best feature, was the king sized bed in our room.
    The rehersal was very nice. The wedding was being held at the home (read ranch with at least 10 horses and a small vinvard) of the bride's parents. The rehersal went off with out a hitch and we then went to the museum where the bride, Lisa, mother, worked. They had a neat photgraphy exhibit that had been digitally inhanced. It was interesting moving around the small gallery and the photo's were beautiful. The rehersal dinner was held at a very nice resteraunt next to the muesum and it was there that the rest of the family that had been traveling finally made it in. After flying all day, we were pritty tired, so we got a ride back early from Dan's uncle, Glen, who had himself recently gotten in from Hong Kong.
    On Saturday we had a wonderfully lazy morning and walked around the hotel a bit. We took a dip in the pool and hot tub and had lunch at a Carl's Jr, a first for me. Dan's parents picked us up and I kept Dan company as he and the brother's helped people park their cars. The wedding was beautiful, short, but to the point and very sincear. The dinner was great and the music was a live Cuban band.
    There was only one black spot on the entire weekend and unfortunatly it was very tragic. After dinner an elderly woman was leaving and colapsed. Unfortunalty she had a massive hear attack or stroke and was unrevivable. It was tragically sad to have one couple joined as another was torn from each other. I also felt very badly for Dan's father, who as an RN did the best that he could in a situation were there was nothing that could be done. I wish the famly and the husband this poor woman the best in this difficult time.
    Sunday started with another lazy morning. We checked out of the hotel and had a bit of time to check out Solvang. We had pancake balls and jam and walked around. Our flight was leaving from Sanat Barbara so we went to the beach with Dan's parents and his sisters family. It was neat watching the girls play in the ocean and Dan and I took a walk along the beach with his parents.
    We then went to a warf in and walked along it. We saw a peace rally, did some shopping and had some great fish and chips. Then it was back to the airport and a red eye back to good old New York.
    Monday was a lazy lounge day as we had been flying all night and tuesday was back to work as usual. It was a wonderful, full weekend and I am very greatful to Dan for taking me along for the ride.

    Current Mood: happy
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